Hey Lovelies! My name is Eva and I am a ginger by choice. Being almost thirty my heart still goes to my hometown Aschaffenburg.

As an architect by profession I’m absolutely convinced that everybody can reach their dreams. Reaching goals is a lot of work and can be quite exhausting and little relaxing. Therefore, I would love to show you some nice things that makes life a bit easier.


Now you’re super curious to see what’s expecting you. Lean back, browse a bit and  let me take you away for a moment. On GINGER BY CHOICE I have delicious recipes and inspirations that will make you and your house a bit more beautiful.


Update October 2016

The last months were just crazy. So many amazing things happened. I am not only married to the most wonderful man in the world since August, we have also moved to Tennessee, one of the southern states of the USA.


From now on I’ll tell you about our experience with the wonderful Volunteers and how food and style works here. I’m looking forward to seeing y’all!