Food is so much more than pure nutrition. Food is culture, it is tradition, it is the pleasure right here, right now. This is what I believe in and this is what I want to share through my recipes with you. Experience my food culture on Ginger by Choice which is rooted in Germany, European influenced and grown in Tennessee. Explore the traditions of my family, without which I would not have become the cook I am today. Enjoy the pleasure, the here and now, in our gardens, in your favorite restaurant and at that lovely food truck. Let’s take all this and go one step further with our food because food is also a look into the future, something modern, something inventive, something experimental. If you, like me, love the dishes that are so much more than a few nutrients on a round porcelain slice, then you came to the right place.


I have worked really hard for my green thumb over the last two and a half years. Fortunately, for you and me, plants have become friends! Our self-made raised beds, the pots on the porch and the herb garden reward me for all the work I’ve put in with the most delicious treats from spring to autumn. I greet each little leaf with subtle exuberance and even became a huge fan of my daily watering routine in midsummer. It is this immense joy in gardening, my very personal way of meditation, that I just have to share with you. Look forward to tips and tricks that will help you grow delicious vegetables, herbs and more for your kitchen. Let’s harvest pink radishes together, create giant tomato monsters, and make the world a bit greener.


If we were to leave Tennessee in a week, I would devote every day of this week to another restaurant in and around Knoxville. I would thank every farmer I’ve met here for all the great products and knowledge they have shared with me. I would pay a visit to every shop that I’ve come to love and where the people know me: buy another loaf of bread, drink another beer, try another coffee variety. I wouldn’t do any differently than I usually do, only more intense and everything packed in a week. I hope you know this enthusiasm for the people, products and places in your area. If not, let me take you with me and show you how wonderful it is to be a local foodie. After all, enthusiasm is highly contagious!

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