Ginger by Choice is an expat blog dedicated to the joy of food (both native and elected). You will find recipes from Germany and Tennessee, food gardening tips and stories from local food scenes.

As expatriots we have the chance to live in another country, even on another continent. Everything we experience here about food (cooking, gardening, going out, …) is so special. It not only teaches me more about the culture of Tennessee but also about my own German heritage. This needs to be shared and so I want invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Enjoy, my friends!


Hey, I’m Eva, the redhead behind Ginger by Choice. This beautiful spot of internet is a product of my enthusiasm for the world of cooking, gardening and the local food scene. I actually never would have thought that I would become a bloggers with an own small space in the world wide web. I studied architecture for six years in the wonderful city of Aachen and graduated proudly with my Masters. During that time, I grew from a rather loud, brown haired girl into a self-confident, ginger woman.

Rhubarb Syrup

In 2014 I finally started to work as an architect. I was really excited and the only thing I wanted to do was to conquer the world of design, buildings and construction sites.

raised bed - second harvest

Some time later, I found myself trapped in a career that was too big and in a job that was, to say it in a nice way, ok. It was not at all what I had dreamed of. I totally lost myself, suffered constantly from stomach pain and just functioned. There was always too much to do: a buttload of projects, a pile of drawings, urgent deadlines, screaming clients, … I was still a ginger but there was only a sad little rest of my self-confidence left.

And then, in 2016, there was this big chance to escape the job I wanted to love but was too exhausted to do so. My husband and I moved to America! As soon as we landed in wonderful East Tennessee, I felt so relieved and just free.  Finally, I had the chance to recap and listen to my body as well as to my own ideas.

I went on long trips to explore the area and to find what our hearts and stomachs needed to feel at home: nice people, good coffee, delicious ingredients, exciting experiences, great beer, … My husband and I not only tried every restaurant within 30 miles, we also took every opportunity (and all the goodies from our new garden) to get into the kitchen and cook up something delicious.

Our loved ones in Germany got more and more curious and demanded stories, pictures and more about our life in distant America. So, it made sense to reactivate an old blog of mine. With no prior knowledge of web design, a healthy respect for my husband’s DSLR camera and a lot of time, I started to create the first posts for Ginger by Choice in fall 2016. If someone had told me at that time that I am on my way to own a small business in Tennessee, I would have laughed in her or his face (however, I would have apologized immediately! So rude ?)

Knoxville cafes

The more I learn (writing, photography, social media, administration, etc.), the more I fall in love with the wonderful world of blogging. I was allowed to discover such amazing places like Lacewings Farms, be a part of fascinating events like the Tomato Jam and got to know great people like Zack from Knox Brew Tours. Networking in the local food scene has become my second nature, the camera is usually glued to my face and my brain often crafts the next recipe while I dig through one of our raised beds. This delicious journey continues and I’ll take you, my wonderful readers, with me. Stay curious, a bit nerdy and, above all, hungry!


I chose the name Ginger by Choice because I am a “fake” redhead (my hair is actually brown). A concious decision that I made and never regreted.

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