Back to Say Goodbye

The last year was pretty crazy and exciting. So many wonderful things happened. Just to mention the most exciting one: our daughter was born in November. This experience was one of the many reasons why I didn’t post anything on Ginger by Choice. I often thought about what I would like to do next, where to start again, … Recently, I made a decision: it is time for something new. I don’t know what that will be. But I know that it won’t have anything to do with the blog. And so, this is my last post, a post to say Thank You and to say Goodbye. I had tons of fun, learned such amazing things and had the chance to meet the most wonderful people.

Ginger by Choice will be available until the end of April, and the same goes for my Facebook page. If you would like to have one of my recipes, please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to share them.

And now: THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who read, supported me or just enjoyed the pictures. GOODBYE, friends! It was a pleasure to be your host and I wish you the very best.