Banana Pancakes: Four Good Reasons Why Those Pancakes Are Fantastic

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my banana pancakes on Instagram and Facebook, asking if you are interested in the recipe. This triggered true enthusiasm storms on your part and it almost brought me to tears* (out of joy, of course). After several test runs and a wild, somewhat unorganized photo session, I now am proud to present not only the recipe, but also four good reasons why those banana pancakes are simply fantastic.


banana pancakes



For the first month of the year you have imposed a strict diet to become a brand-new, improved version of yourself, and pancakes are actually not allowed? Don’t worry about that, you can safely include those banana pancakes in your diet, because they are super healthy! Feast on them in moderation and they will power your body, strengthen your nerve system and provide you with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All three ingredients are little powerhouses and thus ideally suited to assist you with your New Year resolutions. Thanks to the valuable ingredients, you might even treat yourself with more than one pancake.


banana pancakes



You read that correctly! For those delicious and healthy banana pancakes you only need three ingredients: bananas, oats and eggs. That’s it, simple and good! You probably even have everything you need in the kitchen right now. And maybe there are even two or three bananas in your fruit basket, where the brown dots slowly take over. A clear sign that your bananas have transformed the long-chained carbohydrates into short-chained ones. Long story short, your bananas are now wonderfully sweet and they will make the pancakes even better than they already are.


banana pancakes



First grind the oats, mix them with the other two ingredients and turn the pan on. It does not always have to be complicated to make something tasty. During the week I am almost completely planned out, which is why I often have no time to prepare a fancy lunch. In those situations, I am thankful when I have a recipe on hand that is easy and fast. Otherwise I would just run to the nearest fast food restaurant and eat something that I actually had promised my weaker self for the weekend. If you know such situations, then this recipe is a wonderful solution for you, too. Treat yourself with three or four of those wonderful pancakes, to save time, calories and a guilty conscience.



The best comes always last: the banana pancakes are just DELICIOUS! I think that is extremely important for a number of reasons that might be familiar to you. On the one hand, I always hold myself back, because I have to confess: I am a little glutton! Unfortunately, I have a very sensitive stomach and put on holiday pounds easily (even when there are no holidays)! So, what I actually eat, MUST be tasty, especially because of the next, now following point: I would never eat something that offends my taste buds, just because it is healthy or fits my diet. When it comes to this I am stubborn: food has to be delicious, no discussion!


banana pancakes


Now that you are well informed, I do not want to torture you any further. Here is the recipe for my healthy, simple and above all delicious banana pancakes with only three ingredients!

Banana Pancakes

: 2 person


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • Step 1 Put the oats in a tall container and grind them with a blender. Peel the bananas and add them in pieces to the oats. Beat the eggs and mix with the other two ingredients until a smooth dough is formed.
  • Step 2 Now let the dough rest for 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Step 3 Heat a large pan. Bake the pancakes in small portions in bit of oil and enjoy while still warm. Yoghurt, honey and chopped walnuts are particularly tasty as a topping.

* one of my loveable idiosyncrasies: I’m a bit of a cry baby