With two original Bella Berta recipes

Bella Berta


Weddings are a bit crazy! The day itself is fantastic, almost surreal and worth every bit of stress. In advance, however, the bride and groom have a huge pile of work. We experienced it and at all of friends as well. In this chaotic time, it is important to keep a cool head and to find those small moments of peace. We had several, one of which was during the wedding cake tasting with the wonderful Fabienne Werner aka Bella Berta.

The trained pastry chef with the infectious laugh spoiled us for one hour with her treats, distracted us with her wonderful nature and made all those tough decisions easy (chocolate cake or rather lemon flavor, which filling and how to decorate, …). After many delicious cake bites, funny anecdotes about baking and helpful tips on the design, we drove home with a solid concept and absolutely relaxed.

And, to be true, the delightful wedding cakes are just one of Fabienne’s pillars. In addition to her sweet creations, she offers cooking classes and caterings and operates a gluten-free bakery.



Fabienne has learned her craft in her home town of Laufach, Germany. Following the training, the she had the chance to work for quite a few national businesses, went on to gain more experience in top restaurants all over Europe and finally came back to the area of Aschaffenburg, Germany. There, the culinary jack-of-all-trades (or better: jacky-of-all-trades) found what she was looking for:  the opportunity to develop her creativity and to implement her own ideas. In 2014, Bella Berta was born.


Bella Berta
Team Bella Berta I photo by SILKE HUFNAGEL Fotografie


The name, Bella Berta is made up of the first names of two grandmothers, who provided Fabienne early with flavor inspirations, cakes and recipes. One of the many aspects that makes Fabienne’s work and brand so incredibly lovely.

Bella Berta has now grown by three team members and the refreshing ideas are well received in the region. With her local and organic approach and a great deal of pleasure in her craft, I see a sugar-sweet future for Fabienne and her Bella Berta team. That, and so many other things, I had the chance to discover in May, when I visited, helped and baked with Fabienne in her bakery.



Today, I am even more than happy that we decided to have one of Fabienne’s wedding cakes more than two years ago. Our guests still speak of the three tiered beauty, which was lavishly decorated with berries and chocolate sauce.


Bella Berta
Wedding Cake 2016 by Bella Berta I Photo by Nici und Marc HOCHZEITS- UND FAMILIENFOTOGRAFIE


Fabienne makes every effort to fulfill the wishes of each bride and a groom. In addition, she packs a lot of her own design talent into the compositions as well as attention to detail and a high standard on the quality of the ingredients. Each cake is individual, modern and fantastic.


Bella Berta
Wedding Cake 2018 by Bella Berta I Photo by art obscura photography



The gluten-free bakery is one part of Bella Berta, in which Fabienne lays a lot of willpower, passion and commitment. For good reason: her sister-in-law suffers from celiac disease, a gastrointestinal disease caused by gluten intolerance. For her sister-in-law, Fabienne began to research and experiment. The latter resulted in a whole range of products that soon caught the attention of more people. After a detailed research, Fabienne discovered that the coverage with gluten-free bakeries was so low that, as a trained pastry chef, she saw an opportunity to give people who are struggling with the disease access to baked goods. And for everyone else it’s just a pleasure to have access to her high-quality breads, rolls and sweet delicacies. You ever have the chance to visit the beautiful area of Aschaffenburg, treat yourself and visit Fabienne in her chozy shop on Thursdays between 3 and 7 PM in Laufach.



A culinary jacky-of-all-trades wouldn’t be one if she didn’t move as confidently and skillfully in the kitchen as she does in the bakery. Fabienne masters it all with her very typical charm and makes it look so easy. And that, although a whole bunch of people are expecting instructions at her cooking classes or many hungry and often impatient mouths want to be stuffed at the caterings. Chapeau, my dear, you are doing awesome and really tasty!



I am thrilled to be able to present two Bella Berta delicacies here: Fabienne’s recipes for a “Cucumber Passion Fruit Preserve with Tonka Bean” and a “Hearty Papaya Onion Preserve”. Thank you, lovely Fabienne, for sharing your fantastic creations with us ;-*




for 10 glasses (8 oz)

3.8 lbs cucumber, peeled

1.5 lbs passions fruit pulp, without seeds

1.7 lbs cane sugar

1 tsp tonka bean, freshly grated

2 tbsp agar agar


Halve the cucumber, remove the core and cut into cubes. Boil with passion fruit pulp and 1.5 lbs cane sugar.

Add the tonka bean powder. Mix the rest of the cane sugar with agar agar and cook for at least 2 minutes.

Fill, still hot into sterile jars, close and turn upside down for a few minutes. Turn the glasses over and allow to cool completely.




for 7 glasses (8 oz)

1.5 lbs papaya, peeled and without seeds

1.5 lbs onions, peeled

0.8 lbs cane sugar

1 lime

2 pinch of nutmeg

1 tsp mustard seeds

chili, to taste


Dice the papaya and onions. Peel the lime, chop the rind finely and squeeze it for juice subsequently. Marinate papaya, onion cubes, cane sugar, chopped lime peel, and 2 tablespoons of lime juice for 60 minutes.

Add nutmeg, mustard seeds as well as chili and simmer for 30 minutes.

Fill, still hot into sterile jars, close and turn upside down for a few minutes. Turn the glasses over and allow to cool completely.


Finally, I would like to thank Fabienne and her team: Thank you, dear Fabienne, that I was allowed to bake with you, work and annoy you with my camera. Thanks a lot to you and your team, for the great information and the pretty pictures. Furthermore, a big thank you to the three photographers who allowed me to use their pictures for the post: Many thanks to Michaela from art obscura photography, many thanks to Nici and Marc from Nici and Mark WEDDING AND FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY and many thanks to Silke from SILKE HUFNAGEL Photography.