It’s been such a pleasure for me to have the chance to take all of those courses and learn from crazy talented people. Being able to live a life full of new experiences, fantastic ideas and shared knowledge makes me smile every single day!


RACHEL KORINEK (Two Loves Studio)

Without Rachel’s food photography courses and her free resources I wouldn’t be as close to becoming a great photographer as I am. There’s still so much to learn and I cannot wait to step up my game further.

If you are really into your camera and would love to take tons of beautiful pictures you just have to check out COMPOSITION ESSENTIALS*, LIGHTROOM MAGIC and FOODPHOTOGRAPHY PRO.



This place is absolutely amazing! The KEC helps you to get your business off the ground. They offer tons of courses, networking events and informative presentations for FREE. And they’ll even find a business mentor for you! The only class you have to pay for is called CO.STARTER BUT this business develepment program is worth every cent.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur as well and haven’t check out if your city offers a place like the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, please do so RIGHT NOW!!!

Pictures provided by Knoxville Entrepreneur Center.

Workshop at KEC


one of the pictures I’ve took after my first class
one of the pictures I’ve took after my second class


One of the best decisions was to sign up for FUNDAMENTALS OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY 1 + 2, two Non-Credit Programs at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. It was so important to me to get more comfortable with my camera and understand it even more. I wouldn’t want to miss this experience, the knowledge and the people I’ve meet through those two classes.

Non-Credit Programs are fantastic. You can learn something new without the pressure of a test. Do you have something similar close to you? Find it out and dive deeper into the opportunity to become a great photographer (or a great gardener or a great painter or a great forager or …)!

*If you are interested in COMPOSITION ESSENTIALS just follow the affiliate link I’ve provided here and a small fraction of your purchase will help me continue to create more great content on Ginger by Choice.