Birthdays are celebrated all around the world, albeit a bit different. One thing that is quite similar everywhere is that the birthday child can expect to be treated with a special meal. This is usually a delicious birthday cake. And in Germany, we love our birthday cakes. Although there is not THE German birthday cake, but a huge selection of recipes, all of which are more than tempting. Here is a little list of my favorites that will hopefully inspire you. You can also pass on the recipes to baking enthusiast in your family. I mean, it’s your birthday and you should be spoiled:


Recipe by Marc from

Marble cake is a classic among the German birthday cakes. This “dry” cake is usually baked in a loaf pan. Its long shape has plenty of room for candles (double rows are possible). Marble cake has a rather unspectacular appearance on the outside. This changes when you cut into it: the marbling appears. This is created by whirling the light and dark dough before baking. A simple, quick and long-lasting cake (so if you have too much cake after your party you can share this with your family and they can still enjoy it up to a week after your birthday).

a beautifully marbled marble cake with a crunchy chocolate topping. One large piece and three slices


Recipe by Marc from

Another classic, whose simple dough is complemented by juicy apples. The halves of the apples are pressed into the dough with the cut side down. So, the apples are “sunk in”. A round cake that can be cut into large or small pieces. On this cake you’re having plenty of space for candles: arranged it in rows or in a circle. This is a decision the baker needs to make. A gorgeous fruity, easy to make and long lasting birthday cake.

a round cake with nicely arranged sunken apples topped with powdered sugar


The lemon loaf cake is part of my families Easter tradition and usually comes in the shape of a lamb. Since I was born on Easter Sunday, we often had this cake on my birthday. It is flavored with lemon juice and zests and therefore tastes deliciously fresh. If you do not have a lamb shaped pan (I do not have one – my aunt has my granny’s pan), you can use a loaf pan for baking. My grandmother used to decorate the cake with lemon-sugar-icing, but you can also just dust it with icing sugar. Colorful candles fit perfectly, as the cake is a nice and calm background. Like the marble cake, this is a simple, fast-made and long-lasting cake.

a fresh baked lemon loaf cake on a baking tray

Strawberry Sponge Cake

In spring or during the strawberry season the strawberry sponge cake is a must on every birthday party. This fruity treat is one of my favorites and can be enjoyed throught the season (if nobodies birthday is coming up, just have the cake, it’s worth it!). The round, square, … cake consists of a sponge cake with strawberries on top. To keep the berries in place, a lot of people us some kind of jelly. Germans love to enjoy this spring cake with whipped cream (not me, I do not like whipped cream). Unfortunately, it’s hard to place candles on top, so I would recommend to arrange some tealights next to it. Strawberry sponge cake tastes fantastic and is easy to make. However, it should be eaten on the day of preparation.

deep red strawberries are standing upright on a deliciously yellow sponge cake


If you do not order a special cake in my family, you probably get a cheesecake. And that’s perfect because my mom, my grandma and my grandaunt are masters in this cake discipline. The round cake has a delicate crust and a creamy filling. Unlike the American version with cream cheese, the German version is baked with quark. Yogurt is also an option but if you can get quark, you should use it. This cake offers plenty of space for candles which can be in lines or in a circle. Cheesecake is a bit more time consuming but relatively easy to make. It tastes best on the second or third day. So, preparing this cake makes perfect sense.

a women in a blue shirt holding three quarters of a delicious German cheesecake in her hands

Other popular cakes of my family

red wine cake

molehill cake

deer back cake

pumuckl cake

poppy-seed marzipan cake

apricot sour cream cake


Do you have one or more cakes without which your birthday is not complete? Send me a picture of your favorite via Instagram or Facebook. (I’m always noisy ;). Have a wonderful birthday and best wishes to all the birthday kids out there.

PS: Many thanks to Marc from, who has allowed me to share his beautiful pictures and recipe links with you. Head over to his blog. I’ll promise you’ll instantly feel like running to the kitchen to bake at least one of his tasty treats!