Winter means cold temperatures, we just cannot deny that fact. Well, January might not be the coldest month in all parts of the world (Australia, dude!), however, in the northern hemisphere it definitely is. Sunbathing as well as fun barbecue sessions are just not an option right now and so we have to find something else. How about a pair of warm socks, the cozy blanket on the couch, our favorite streaming service and a bowl of one of the many winter stews in your cold hands. Four times yes yes yes yes: yes, to warm feet, yes to the wonderful blankets, yes to binge watching and yes to a warm belly. All of this is just perfect for a dark, gray day during the chilly season.

However, there are two things I need to warn you about: 1. if you binge watch to many episodes of Friends, Game of Thrones and the like your eyes might become square (at least according to my mother ?) and 2. stews can cause crazy hot-food-blowing-faces. I mean, stews must be hot! And they need to be so hot that everyone with glasses won’t see anything for a short amount of time. So please be careful! After all, we want warmth in our bellies and not a fire inferno in our throat.

Despite all the risks stews are currently more than recommended! If my plate is well filled with goulash, chili, curry or minestrone, it may even stay cold for a bit longer. What do you think, my fellow cold frogs?

PS: Stews are just perfect to enjoy all those wonderful winter vegs like cabbage, pumpkin and co. Would you like to know more about what’s currently available? No problem! Click here to get your GBC seasonal calendar, in which I have summarized the delicacies of each season for you.

Red Curry Lentil Stew with Butternut Squash + Kale by With Food and Love

lentil stew
Photo + Recipe by Sherrie Castellano (

Italian Beef Ragu by Vikalinka

beef ragu
Photo + Recipe by Julia Frey (

Minestrone à la Marcella Hazan


Picture by me + Recipe by Marcella Hazan “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking” with kale instead of cabbage

Hungarian Beef Goulash by Savory Tooth

Photo + Recipe by Julia (

Just click on those delicious pictures to be linked to the recipes or the book (Minestrone à la Marcella Hazan). Have fun cooking and enjoying,