GBC Summer Menu 2018

Summer Menu


Do you guys have a favorite season? Many of my friends are huge fans of the summer, which I couldn’t really understand before we moved to Tennessee. After all, summer in Germany is just a weird up and down temperature-wise. Especially for very pale people like me that’s not fun at all: when it’s hot, we hide in the shade and when the barometer drops, dizziness is a constant companion. So, I never really understood why everyone was so crazy about the “warm” season.

Due to my slight phobia, I was a bit worried how I would feel during the summer in Tennessee. The locals praised it without knowing that they actually scared me: wonderful hot temperatures, high humidity, sun from April to November, … This caused panic rather than joy on my side! Could I really be outside during summertime or was my destiny to end up next to one of the AC outlets in our home? After all, some of my favorite countries are Sweden, Holland and Denmark, and with good reason.

What nobody mentioned in the first month after our arrival was that Summer Season in Tennessee comes slowly and that this area actually has a fantastic spring and an even more so beautiful fall. The temperatures as well as the humidity rise and fall steadily. Skin, body and even my head have the chance to get used to it. In Tennessee, I’ve learned that even very pale people can survive in hot climates, as long as they have time to adapt and are open for it.

Meanwhile, I love summer and am just fine when we have temperatures around 90 °F. I even started to sunbath to charge warmth and light (OK, maximum 20 minutes and only covered in sunscreen from head to toe: body SPF 30, face SPF 50). In addition to sunbathing, there are many wonderful things I love doing during those warm days of summer: standup paddling, shopping at the next farmers market, gardening, BBQ, etc.

Especially BBQ has always been one of my summer favorites. Therefore, and because of my newly won appreciation for the hot season, I decided to shape my last seasonal post in a slightly different way: there won’t be detailed descriptions of what happens in July, August and September here in TN or in GER. This time I want to share a gorgeous menu with summer products and recipes with you.



Rhubarb Gin Tonic


Zucchini with melted Lemon-Thyme Butter


Golden Chicken in an Okra Bed


Grilled Peaches with Thyme Yogurt and Walnuts



Summer Menu


However, I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many information, so I thought, I’ll share all those wonderful recipes bit by bit over the next couple of days. If you feel like it, just recreate the whole menu and throw a dinner party for your friends or the family. If that’s a bit too much right now (I totally get that, it’s wedding season and birthday season and so forth…) you can also try one or two of those recipes at a time. Let your imagination run wild! We’ll start with my nice menu card which is ready for you to download:




Send me pictures from your very own summer BBQ paradise, I would love to see your way of enjoying the warm season 2018. If you’re still clueless what you want to do during the next three months hop over to my Pinterest page. I’ve dedicated a whole board to the summer seasons. I’m more than positive you’ll find something that’ll sweeten up those warm days for you!