Holly Jolly Christmas Door Wreath

Well, I’m probably a minimalist when it comes to seasonal decoration. I admire all these fantastic people who decorate the whole house for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, … However, I’m too lazy. Our Christmas decoration is a ensemble of wooden stars my grandfather made for me and a metal wreath with four candles. These pieces are absolutely neutral and therefore, they stand in the same place throughout the whole year. Additional items that reveal the current season are sometimes flowers, one or two carved pumpkins or a door wreath.

door wreath

This year, I went for the latter to celebrate the ongoing Christmas season. In front of our new house is a huge, beautiful Holly tree. The red berries light up against the nice blue, Tennessee winter sky. They are like tiny, round dots of color and remarkably remind me of Christmas tree decoration. They really cheer you up every time you see them. By creating your very own Christmas door wreath you will bring that joy to your entrance door. Even better, it’s super easy and you don’t need that much.

door wreath

All that’s necessary is just:

floral wire

pruning shears

wire cutter

flexible branches

fresh greens, e.g. Holly branches

First, start with the base made out of flexible branches. Braid and wrap them into your desired wreath shape and fix everything with floral wire. I have chosen a round wreath, oval and rectangular are nice, too. Be creative or just stick to the classics. Lie your finished wreath base on a neutral surface and place your fresh branches around it. That is a nice way to check if you need more material or if your arrangement looks nice.

door wreath

Now we need to add the fresh branches and decoration to the base. Take the wreath base, the floral wire roll, and your first branch. Place the first branch on the base following the wreaths’ shape. Hold both two pieces with one hand, and tie them together with the wire. Fix it really good. Put the next branch about 1″ in front of the first branch on the base, hold it with one hand and attach it using wire. You do not need to cut the wire for each branch, just work continuously: place the branch on the base, hold it, fix it, place the branch on the base, hold it, fix it, …

door wreath

If the base is no longer visible, wrap the wire three or four times around the wreath. You might need a hanger, so leave a bit of wire with length of about 25″. Tie a small loop with this wire end. I do not like seeing the attachment of the wreath, so I keep the loop really close to the wreath and hide it neatly behind the greens.

door wreath

Now, the moment of truth. Attach a hook to the door, hang your masterpiece and enjoy your simple but effective, seasonal door wreath. I am very excited about mine and pat my shoulder every time I see it. Maybe I cannot compete with the neighbors Christmas lights and their fancy decoration, yet I love my tiny, DIY wreath. It is a reminder for me you don’t have to have fancy stuff. Sometimes, the small things are more beautiful, especially when you made it yourself. Happy holidays, y’all!

2 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Christmas Door Wreath”

  • What a beautiful wreath. So simple and elegant. I think I’m going to give it a try with the red berries from a tree in our back garden. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • You very welcome!!! And thank you for your lovely words. I so enjoyed the wreath last year and my new one has Holly in it, too. The red berries are such a delight!

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