My Photo Gear (+ update wishes)

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Photo Gear

Our photo gear has its own cabinet in our house. A beautiful piece of furniture: antique, softwood, a great, warm color. It was so beautiful, we had to bring it to the States. My mother-in-law gave us the cabinet as a gift about 4 years ago and we absolutely love it. It stands right in the middle of our living room. You see, our camera dwells in a piece of furniture that we really appreciate. Which in turn shows that our camera, even the entire photo gear, means a lot to us.

Camera + Basics

update wish (right now: Canon EOS 600D / Rebel T3i )

Tamron 28 – 75 mm
my favorite lense at the moment
Memory Card
always have an extra one
comes usually with the camera
Battery Packs
buy at least two extra battery packs (it’s so important)

And that’s quite interesting because I actually didn’t like photography for a long time. My husband started getting interested in it way before me. That was during our time in university. He tried everything possible and steadily expanded his photo gear. Today I am infinitely grateful for that because he has already taught me so much, which I certainly would not have learned so quickly on my own.

So, yes, I rejected photography and everything related to it for quite a long time. This had something to do with my architectural studies and was, in retrospect, quite stupid. Many of my fellow students had a relatively large photo gear with great SLR cameras. A lot of them took cool, artistically tinged architecture pictures or went on fantastic excursions. I could afford neither a fancy photo gear, a camera and especially not the excursions. So, in my twisted brain, I decided photography was not for me at all. I made the decision before my husband (then boyfriend) bought his first camera. When he started, it was already too late for me. Oh boy, was I arrogant, ignorant and stupid!

Great lenses

Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8
lense (prime lense)
– my birthday wish –
Sigma 10 – 20 mm
wide-angle lense

My attitude changed about two years ago when I saw that a blog without pictures does not really work. After a few attempts with my husband’s photo gear, which went horribly wrong due to my attitude towards photography, I kicked my own ass and jumped over my arrogant shadow. After watching about 1000 Youtube videos, read tons of articles and a few photography books, it started to be fun and my pictures got better. Two online (Rachel Korinek from Two Loves Studio is an AMAZING teacher) and two offline courses (non-credit is the best!!!) later, I can barely imagine a life without our camera.

Cool Gadgets

Digital Flash
we are slowly getting used to each other
light weight and robust
Remote Shutter

And that’s why I want to share our photo gear with you because I think a lot of people are like me. They shy away from photography maybe because of stupid reason like mine. Or because it’s a highly complex, technical device, or for some other reasons. From my experience, however, I can only recommend to give it a try. If there’s a bit of interest in your heart then grab your partner’s, sibling’s or friend’s camera and go for it. Find someone who knows how to control the camera and let her or him explain the basics to you. And then go: take pictures, look at them, delete what you don’t like and continue.

Out and About

Camera Backpack
necessary for shootings

Camera Bag
handy for just the body and a lense
Joby Pro Sling Strap
best camera sling ever

If the enthusiasm grabs you or already has, then get inspired by my photo gear. For starters, a great camera (I’m a Canon fan ?) with a good zoom lens (currently, my favorite is the Tamron 28 – 75 mm) is sufficient. The more you do and the better you become, the more interesting are other things, such as a tripod (I love my tripod, because even in less light, I still get super sharp pictures) or a great camera strap (on events essential!) or all the other goodies I’ve listed here.

Just two more things that, in my opinion, are really important: no matter what you get, even if it’s just a compact camera (no offence!), get everything out of the pieces you own before you update. And, most importantly, find a place for your camera, your lenses, your tripod, etc. that will do them justice. Appreciate what you have. I can only say: antique wooden cabinet!