Pink Berry Oatmeal in three Versions

A few years ago I started eating oatmeal in the morning. My heart is taken ever since. It is easy, fast and, as I mentioned before, you will fall in love with it.

I always eat my oatmeal with oats (note: in Germany we don’t call it oatmeal, we say Müsli and so you can add any kind of flakes), but the other ingredients change over the time: I started with fresh apples, flax seeds, and milk; to change my routine a bit, I had it a short time with dried fruits, nuts, and almond milk; in the summer time I added fresh berries with yoghurt; in autumn, I had, again, apples, flax seeds, and milk; …

My current favorite is a variation of the trendy overnight oatmeal with frozen berries. There are three types of preparation I favor. I choose between them according to my desire, mood and time. All three are not only incredibly delicious, but also healthy and long lasting.

You need the following ingredients:

2  tsp flax seeds

2 tsp chia seeds

2/3 cup almond milk

1/3 cup oats (instant or rolled, whatever you prefer)

2/3 cup milk

4 tsp plain yogurt

frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, …)

Version 1 – fast and cold

If you have little time in the morning or want to take your breakfast to the office, I recommend this version. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, a jar glass or a lunch box the evening before you will eat it. Put it in the fridge and go to sleep. Once you are awake, have showered and are ready to start your day, grab this classic overnight oatmeal and you are good to go.

Version 2 –  cozy and warm

If you have a little time in the morning, give this kind of preparation a try. You also start in the evening. Mix the seeds in a bowl and add the almond milk. The mixture soaks overnight and has the perfect consistency in the morning. Take a small pot and add the berries, the milk and the oats. You can also use almond milk with this step, it tastes just as delicious. Stir everything briefly and let it boil slowly. Thanks to the oats, the mixture thickens after about five minutes. Stir it now and then. If you like what you see, take the pot from the stove. Mix the oats and berries with the yoghurt and the soaked seeds.

Version 3 – somewhere in between

Number three is my favorite, so I took some pictures for you. Like the other two versions, the various components are mixed together. Seeds, almond milk and oats soak in the fridge overnight. After getting up, put the milk, the berries and the soaked mixture into a pot. As in No. two, stir everything and let it boil slowly … In this version, the oats become more digestible during the soaking. Sounds like old people’s food, but I can guarantee, everyone with a preference for warm, sweet feel-good breakfast will love it.

You see, you have many choices. You can adjust the taste by adding many kinds of ingredients and there are so many different ways to prepare it. My recipes are just a small excerpt of the wonderful options you have with oatmeal. I can therefore only recommend to try some and discover your favorite version.