Summer Supper 2018 at Lacewing Farms

Lacewing Farms


In the next two posts, I just want to show you a bit of all the wonderful things I’ve done in the last couple of weeks which means a little less text and a whole lot more photos.

Let’s start with the beautiful Summer Supper at Lacewing Farms* in mid-July (our third dinner at the farm: 1. Fall Farm Dinner 2016 and 2. Summer Supper 2017). Chef Joe Cunningham and his team from Northshore Brasserie** treated us with an amazing five course meal.

Here’s what they served us in the beautiful setting of the, again, tastefully decorated barn at Lacewing Farms:


Lacewing Farms



Blueberry Cucumber Gin Cocktail




Oysters and Red Royal Shrimps


Lacewing Farms



Green Tomato Gazpacho


Lacewing Farms


Second Course

Housemade Pasta with Duck Confit


Lacewing Farms


Main Course

Mixed Grill Plate: Sirloin, Sausage, Short Rib and Lacewing Farms Veggies with a savory Smoked Heirloom Tomato Vinaigrette


Lacewing Farms



Lemon Mascarpone Ice Cream with Grilled Peaches and Black Sesame Crumble


Lacewing Farms


The dinner was rounded up by Travis Bigwood and the Mourning Doves.

Last but not least I want to send my best wishes to Christina, Brian and Joe Cunningham with his team: thank you so much for a lovely evening with delicious food!



* Lacewing Farms

Christina Smith and Brian Ader founded Lacewing Farms in 2015. The name of the 11-acre farm was inspired by lacewings, small beneficial garden insects. The two farmers sell their vegetables, grown according to a holistic approach and organic guidelines, as well as eggs and honey at the weekly farmers’ market in Knoxville. They also provide us local food enthusiasts with their products through a CSA.


Lacewing Farms


** Northshore Brasserie

Northshore Brasserie is a French-Belgian restaurant in West Knoxville. Founded 10 years ago, the family-run brasserie serves local and seasonal inspired dishes in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. The team around chef Joe Cunningham convinces with a traditional style, based in the cuisine of Western Europe.


Lacewing Farms