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What do three neat guys, streetwear and dirt have in common? Everyone gets streetwear and dirt together, somehow but what about the neat guys? I spontaneously think back to my time in school. There were the cool boys with their skateboards who crashed down from time to time. Or the giggling girls who met at the riverbank. In a wider sense, they were sitting in mud. But back to our topic: neat guys and dirt? To make it even more confusing I’ll tell you that these three have a shared past as sport pros and models.

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The conclusion of this little puzzle is quite clean and tidy. The fashion brand of Philipp, Jason and Mike is called DIRTS and was created by their former name “Deutschland Fanshirts”. Strike the “eutschland” and the “fansh” – and you have what you are looking for: DIRTS. So, cool guys and funny girls: yes, dirt and mud: no!

The story of the guys is just as stylish as their clothes themselves. Jason, a hopeful Swiss talent in fencing, decided at the beginning of his twenties to give priority to his business studies. Scarcely the degree in his pocket, he took a rapid turnaround. In the next few years, he earned his living as a model. Mike, the second member of the Swiss team, also studied business management following his career as a basketball professional. Subsequently, he demonstrated his skills in a bank. After a while, he also took off the conservative suit and traveled the world with his childhood friend Jason as a model. At a shooting in Rome, they met Philipp, handball professional and part-time model. Jason immediately recognized his potential as a friend and business partner. It did not take much to convince Philipp to join their team and promote refreshingly stylish fanshirts for sports clubs.


The three worked out the idea and founded JPM Trading GmbH. The beginning in the textile merchandise with Deutschland Fanshirts was hard. Established companies claimed a large part of the market. But with their will power, endurance and a creative approach, they gradually convinced more and more customers of their abilities.

The big breakthrough was their “Lass uns mal wieder Weltmeister werden”-Shirt (engl.: “Let’s be World Champion again”-Shirt) they promoted during the Soccer World Cup 2014. To be honest, I can only remember the World Cup because I bought my “Lass mal wieder Weltmeister werden”-Shirt from Philipp at a game. I’m not a huge soccer fan but throughout the World Cup, even I start to cheer at the TV and memorize the names of the eleven guys on the green. With their shirt, Philipp, Jason and Mike had captured both male and female fans and conquered slowly the crazy-about-soccer nation. Everywhere German fans came together you could find the slogan “Lass mal wieder Weltmeister werden” in black, red and gold. Finally, Germany did win the World Soccer Championship in 2014 again – I’m sure that wasn’t just a coincidence!

Lass mal wieder Weltmeister werden-Shirt

Thanks to their established popularity, their contacts into the world of sports and their self-confident and, according to their own statement, sometimes a bit cheeky manner, Deutschland Fanshirts could build an impressive customer base by 2015: SV Werder Bremen, 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Karlsruher SC, FC Bayern Basketball, Füchse Berlin, Sport Lisboa e Benfica … Even this small selection of clubs speaks for itself.

Fanwear by DIRTS

The guys know their target group exactly. Mainly, because they represent it perfectly. Who could do fanwear better than former sports pros and convinced sports lovers?! However, their young target group soon wanted more than just stylish shirts for big sporting events. The high demand for everyday clothes convinced the three to make the dream come true they thought of from the beginning. With their new brand DIRTS, the guys have been showing their skills in streetwear since 2016. DIRTS stands for relaxed, urban everyday clothing with a good cut and high quality that is affordable. I have two absolute favorites from the latest collection: the unisex T-shirt with the black and white stripes and the vintage shirt “Bavaria Nice”. The last one because it’s a small tribute to Aschaffenburg, Philipps and my hometown. Recently, Team DIRTS established their new headquarters with its own showroom there.

Bavaria Nice-Shirt

As a girl from Aschaffenburg it always makes me proud and a bit melancholic to hear about successful companies from the region. In this case, I am fan after all: a fan of Aschaffenburg, a fan of young entrepreneurs, a fan of DIRTS. In the near future, I will probably tell you more about my new fit as a local enthusiast who cheers her teams from afar: GO, TEAM DIRTS, GOOOOOO!!!

stripes and AB

In the coming years, we will definitely hear and see more of these guys. You can look forward to something new for the Soccer World Cup 2018, more chic shirts and ambitious goals in the field of fanwear. I am already curious and will keep my eyes open during my next visit in Germany. Surely, I’ll find a damn dirty Shirt in the streets.

P.S .: A very hearty thanks to team DIRTS. They did not only donate a bit of their spare time but also allowed me to use pictures from their Instagram and their blog!

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