Thought of the Week: Banana




This week’s post was all about banana pudding, the most delicious dessert of the South. So, it’s only logical that we talk a bit more about the crooked, yellow fruit in the Thought of the Week. Grab your banana, get set, go!


Why are bananas crooked? A lot of people already dealt with this question and so did my favorite childhood program “Die Sendung mit der Maus” (“The show with the mouse” – a still popular German TV series in which an orange mouse and her friends explain things in an easy and lovely way). Of course, the wonderful mouse and her friend the blue elephant had an answer to our question as well. And it is actually really simple:

Banana plants have a rather high pseudo-stem, which is formed from the rolled, stiff leaves. A huge flower will eventually grow on a long stem right out of the middle of those leaves. Due to its weight, the flower tilts over and hangs down. Fruits or berries (yes, botanically speaking bananas are berries) grow on the stem which faces to the ground. However, plants prefer to grow in the direction of light, so the young bananas “turn around” and that is where the “crookedness” comes from: at first growth happens downwards and after turning to the light, growth happens upwards.


Bananas are very versatile in their ripe state thanks to their high sugar content. You can use them:

– raw

– cooked

– baked

– grilled

– in drinks

Particularly well-known banana dishes are the already mentioned banana pudding, banana split as well as banana bread. In addition, there are an infinite number of preparations that would unduly lengthen the post.

A tip: if you eat bananas in combination with healthy fats coming from dairy products or nuts, you will take full advantage of the benefits of the yellow power fruit. This way, it’s a tasty snack to save you from cravings.


This fact fascinated me so much, I would like to share it with you. I recently fed my little baby-nephew with bread and a delicious banana for dessert. My experience in feeding toddlers is relatively limited, so the best brother in the world instructed me on what I should do: cut the banana into pieces and divide it into three. Funnily enough, one does not need a knife for the last activity because bananas basically come in three segments (FUN FACT). Should you soon be facing the need to feeding your nephew, niece or anyone else under the age of two, now you are prepared: cut the banana into 0.5” pieces, press the pieces lightly with your forefinger and thumb and you have perfect bites for a tiny tiny mouth. And that’s not only a really cool fun fact, but also a real banana life lesson!


Bananas are crooked, really interesting and properly combined, more than healthy. So, if you regularly eat your yellow berries, you will be super fit, full and happy!