Thought of the Week – Soup Greens

Soup Greens

Last week, I promised you a whole new category on the blog, and more information about soup vegetables or soup greens. Tatatata, the waiting was worth it and I am able to present my new section: Thought of the Week, or TOW (I hope you do not mind that I, quite cheeky, withheld the “the”). From today on I would like to showcase important facts in this short post and share them with you. This could be something that I have learned recently, something that is interesting, or something that is just handy for a recipe. In my TOW I want to stick to the essentials, so I will try to chitchat less and get to the point as quickly as possible. That means more hard facts and less stories about my life in beautiful Tennessee. But do not worry, you will still find fun facts and nice little anecdotes about me and my family in the main posts.

So, let us get started with the first TOW and the topic is: soup greens. Besides chicken, soup greens are the main ingredients for every good chicken broth. An important fact that we have already learned in my post last week BASIC CHICKEN BROTH – HOLISTICALLY DELICIOUS. But what are soup greens exactly? They are always a set of four different kinds of greens: root vegetables (carrots, celery, parsley root), leeks (leeks, spring onions, onions) and herbs (parsley, thyme). In Germany, you can buy prepacked sets with a piece of celery root, carrots, leek and parsley in every supermarket. However, depending on your preferences and the availability you can also put your own vegetable kit together. To use your soup greens for a broth, clean the various types first and chop them roughly. Subsequently, cook them with spices and liquid. The vegetables add flavor and create a wonderful broth which can be used as a base for other dishes. The boiled soup greens can also be recycled (I hope that is the right word in that context). Chopped them into niece pieces and add them to soups and stews. And there are even more ways to use those vegetables. For example, blance them slightly and enjoy your soup greens as a side for a juicy steak.