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Wedding Cake





Everyone has their own opinion about wedding cakes. Personally, I think they’re a fantastic addition for every wedding and I’m so glad we had one (made by the fantastic Fabienne aka Bella Berta). However, in recent times, I have often wondered where the tradition of having an opulent cake actually comes from and what makes them special in our days? I did some research on that and summed it up for you in the last Thought of the Week of 2018*.


Today, most wedding cakes are still multi-tiered and, stacked or on a tier cake stand, the centerpiece of the dessert buffet. More and more often, however, the cake replaces, quite pragmatically, everything sweet.

And that’s just fine because those wedding cakes really need a lot of space to shine. Over time they have become the expression of the individuality of the wedding couple. Frosting, hearts and figurines on the top might have been cool in the 80s. The amazing creations used by our generation to celebrate love are decorated opulently with fresh flowers, in no way inferior to the bridal bouquet, they are sprayed in the color scheme of the wedding location or reflect a subtle elegance in a stylish and clean way.


Yet, the tradition of the wedding cake is still relatively young. Although the ancient Romans already celebrated with a cake which was consumed on the day of the wedding, this had little to do with the chic treat of today. What we know and love was born in the UK. The British aristocrats, thanks to the rise of confectioners, never celebrated anything without a richly decorated cake in the 19th century. The English royal family adopted the idea and incorporated it into their fantastic wedding celebrations. Thus, the wedding cake became popular and is now an integral part of most receptions.


With the advent of the wedding cake, various related customs have arisen. One of the most fun is the joint cutting of the cake by the wedding couple. In the German tradition the spouse who has the hand on top is said to wear the pants in the future marriage.


In my opinion, every wedding should have a fantastic looking cake with a symbolic character and a certain expressiveness. Besides, and most importantly, this glorious cake should be absolutely tasty!

* Currently, I’m working on a couple of new projects. Since I still run Ginger by Choice alone it has been a bit too busy lately. So, I decided to end the Thought of the Week for the time being. This leaves me with more time to create and I’ll be able to share all the wonderful new features with you soon.

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