Tomato Jam 2018 by Nourish Knoxville

Tomato Jam


Three weeks ago, I was invited to be the photographer for the Tomato Jam by Nourish Knoxville. It was a great pleasure and an honor for me to be part of such a great event. Here’s what it’s all about!


Tomato Jam

The Tomato Jam is a cocktail contest between some of the city’s best bartenders and is hosted once a year by Nourish Knoxville. The task is to create a drink with the best heirloom tomatoes of East Tennessee and local spirits, this year sponsored by Knoxville-based distillery Post Modern Spirits. Visitors are invited to taste and vote for up to ten 4 oz samples. Live music and small bites, this year provided by OliBea’s chef Jeffrey Dealejandro with local products from Lacewing Farms and Mountain Meadows Farm, create the perfect companions to the crafty cocktails.



Scrub It Out

Craft Accomodations

The Spuntino

Drawing Room at The Tennessean Hotel

Vine-A-Min Water

Drink and Bistro by The Track

Salad Days


The Early Girl

J.C. Holdway

Mr. Stripey & The ‘Mater D’s

Jig & Reel

The Knights Who Say “Ni!”


Vine And Dandy

Maple Hall

Lady In Red

Sapphire: Fine Food & Fancy Drinks

Mater-Melon Punch


Tomato Jam



Needlessly to say, my husband and I enjoyed a great afternoon in a really pleasant environment. For all of you who are interested in good drinks, good food and especially good people, I strongly recommend to put the Tomato Jam on your next year’s calendar!


** Nourish Knoxville

As I could hardly describe it better, here’s the ABOUT NOURISH KNOXVILLE from their annual East Tennessee Local Food Guide:

“Nourish Knoxville (…) is a Knoxville-based non-profit organization working in the East Tennessee region to cultivate healthy communities by supporting relationships between local farmers, producers, and the public. (Nourish Knoxville) operate(s) the Market Square Farmers’ Market, Market Square Holiday Market, and Winter Farmers’ Market in Knoxville, as well as host educational events, promote local food events across East Tennessee and run Power of Produce Club at Knox County farmers’ Market. “


Tomato Jam


Tomato Jam


PS: For even more pictures you can also visit the Nourish Knoxville Facebook page.

PPS: It’s really important to me to mention that I got a little something for the pictures but not for this post. I wrote it to support all those wonderful people who worked really hard to put the Tomato Jam together. Thank you for everything: you did an amazing job!